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February 3, 2011


Dear readers, I decided that due to the traffic this blog receives, it would be better set in its own domain. Please reset your bookmarks to  Urbanely Urban and relink your subscriptions to this RSS feed. I am still tweaking for a bit, so please bear with me as my new site is configured. I […]

Urban Dead Zones #UDZ

January 23, 2011


After a lot of thought about these, I have decided on a few categories. There are lots of urban places that are suffering from decentralisation. A blog I wrote a few months ago about extreme centralisation brought to my attention how many locations reflect this or other hot spots for concern in the region. Some […]

Divergent Thinking

January 23, 2011


When kids make “crafts” out of random objects (cotton balls, toilet paper rolls, macaroni, string, yarn, fluff, paper, etc.) in moment of pure creativity without instruction or pattern (which they do with great frequency) they are making sculptures and art. Yes, real art. This is the earliest instances of process based creative intent. These early […]


January 21, 2011


Institutions are a critical part of a vibrant arts scene and their operating costs should always be maintained so the greater population can have access to the services they provide. Without shows like The Titanic at THEMUSEUM, which has caused a huge buzz throughout the city, without the KW Symphony providing ever changing programming ranging […]

Difference between art and craft

January 20, 2011


After writing the blog I posted yesterday concerning accessibility in art, I got into a very real dialog about the practice of craft making versus the practice of making art. Here lies a very fine drawn line. It is broken and scattered, and yet it exists. The practice of making craft requires the honing of […]

On “Art to relate to”

January 19, 2011


In response to the article about Ernest Daetwyler’s piece that will be installed in front of police headquarters, this letter was sent to The Record. This post will certainly not be a judgement about the person who wrote this letter because her sentiment is echoed by most of the community, nor is it about the spectacular […]

Aging sucks. It’s about to suck more.

January 17, 2011


The Record featured this piece about how an older woman froze to death in Scarborough after wandering out into the night, and none of her neighbours helped her. This case is being labelled as an example of “Bystander Effect“. I have two problems with this article. First: This may be a case of bystander effect, […]